Growing Cleanest Beach In America

Growing Cleanest Beach In America takes us all, working together, to reach a common goal, that goal is stopping trash from entering our beaches, bays & waterways.

We can not stop what is already in our ocean and waterways, but we can stop more from getting in there, and it just takes a moment…

And, the very best way to make a difference is by setting an example!

We know that we all can do a little more, and that’s all it really takes.  Some people are just not conscientious about disposing of their waste, for what ever reason, so those of us that care, care a lot, can do a little extra.

So, how can Growing Cleanest Beach In America really move forward…

  1. Set The Example – Be the one that makes a difference, as Nike says ‘Just Do It’, clean up that trash you find on, and around, our beaches
  2. Stop Purchasing Products That Pollute – In this day and age that’s a tall order, but we can start, and just starting is so very important.  Pick a product a week, or a month, that you will not use ever again, and I’m hoping you’ll choose styrofoam to start as it’s one of the most deadly products that get into our oceans and waterways.
  3. Build Your Group – Find some friends with the common goal of Growing Cleanest Beach In America in your beach, bay, lake, stream, river… town.  Organize a weekly clean up, or monthly to get started, with a plan of making it weekly.
  4. Talk About It – Tell your friends what you are doing, share it here on your Group page, and then share it on your Social Media accounts.  Talk about what you want to do in your area, like boycotting styrofoam, stopping getting straws in your drinks, remember it’s the little things that will make a difference.
  5. Talk To Stores You Visit – Ask them if they can replace some of the products they are using, can they stop using styrofoam in favor of paper and cardboard?  Sure they can, and it’s not any more expense.  Talk to them, see what they say, and then let us know your successes and your trials.
  6. Talk To Your Community – Do you have any community organizations?  Elks Club, Boy & Girl Scouts, local Meet Up groups, all these organizations will be glad to hear what you have to say.  People do care, they care about their communities, what they eat, what we’ll be leaving to our children…  WE CARE!
  7. Talk To Your Legislature – Post on their Social Media sites, send letters (as individuals or as a group) with your thoughts, ask them what they are doing, if there is any current legislature or if you can help them work on some.

Are there more things you can do to Growing Cleanest Beach In America?

Sure there are, and we’ll talk more about it as we grow, but we have to start and you can make a difference!

Show Off Your Support

Growing Cleanest Beach In AmericaHelp us help you, the more we work together the more we’ll be able to accomplish, so let’s do it.  Start by starting your group, then invite your friends to join your group, then make plans to clean your beach, though if you’re signing up I’ll bet you already are…  Once your Group is set up we’ll make your Official T-Shirt, make sure you have the beach name you want to call your area, we like our turtle, hey we started here in Maryland and we are Terrapins, so if you have your own animal you’d like on your shirts let us know.

We want to help you get known, and to be Growing Cleanest Beach In America in your Community, let us know what we can do!