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Live on or near the beach?  Have a beach cleaning project or want to get one started?

We here at Cleanest Beach In America would like to help you get more people to know about your project or help you get one started!  We all know that trying to do something by ourselves does not work as well as if we have a team working towards the same goal.

Ocean City Maryland's Cleanest Beach In America Team

Our beaches, bays, waterways need help, they need to be cleaned up and it needs to be done regularly, consistently and with an eye towards doing it right the first time…  And, each time is just like the first time!

Let’s Get Started…

Complete the following to register as an Official Team, and yes, there can be more than one Team for a beach!  A Donation to become an Official Team is $25.00 per year, your PayPal Account will be billed automatically each year, and, of course, you may cancel at any time

In the Subject section please enter the name of the BEACH you and your team are cleaning, be specific, as you’ll be starting a Group with the same name here to help you communicate with other members of your team.

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Robert J Banach
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