Inlet Beach Cleaning May 13 2016 #CleanBeachOC

This morning’s Inlet Beach Cleaning May 13 2016, a part of the Cleanest Beach In America Project, and also reported to the Ocean City Surf Club’s Adopt Your Beach program.

For the Adopt Your Beach program I signed up for the Ocean City Inlet, between the OC Fishing Pier and the Ocean City Inlet Jetty, approximately the size of 3 football fields, or about 144,000 square feet.

Last weekend was Ocean City MD Springfest 2016 and though it rained keeping a lot of folks away, it still drew a few thousand people…

Inlet Beach Cleaning May 13 2016 | Cleanest Beach In America #CleanBeachOC

In the above picture, overflowing with plastic ties that were left by the people that removed the fence that was behind the Springfest Concert tent, it’s one of the two bags filled up with ties, cups, a lot of styrofoam and cigarette butts.

Inlet Beach Cleaning May 13 2016 | Cleanest Beach In AmericaA lot of the trash picked up today was on the shoreline, obviously washed ashore, some of the things washed ashore were 3 diapers, a big piece of plastic, lots of plastic bottle caps, and a LOT of styrofoam.  The picture to the right shows just a small fraction of what was on the beach and soon to be washed back to sea, and so much was so small you would have needed tweezers or a sifter to even try to pick it up.

So, today’s…

…Inlet Beach Cleaning May 13 2016…

…brought in about 25 pounds of debris, a lot was left behind.  I’m guessing the styrofoam was not in the sea very long, as it still maintained it’s whiteness.  Then, it also could have been blown from up on the shore and just caught in this seawash.

So, only a guess on the styrofoam, but the plastic ties, no question there…

Inlet Beach Cleaning May 13 2016 | Cleanest Beach In America #CleanBeachOC

As you can see to the left, the crevice in the beach is where the fence was located, look closely and it is apparent that the plastic ties were cut and just let drop onto the sand.

Whether instructed or not, one can only assume that they did not care, hoped someone else was going to clean it up, or that the beach cleaning machines would get them.

Unfortunately, as we do our #CleanBeachOC every Tuesday, last Tuesday cleaning 76 pounds from 3rd St south to the inlet jetty, we know that the machines only pick up the bigger, bulkier stuff leaving behind all the small stuff.  Especially the small stuff that gets buried into the sand, whether buried by the wind or stepped on…


Inlet Beach Cleaning May 13 2016 | Cleanest Beach In America #CleanBeachOCInlet Beach Cleaning May 13 2016, also included some of the inlet parking lot, this five days after Springfest was closed down, was still covered in wires, shelving, ties, cardboard and more…

The photo to the right shows only a small fraction of what was picked up today, and there is still quite a bit more.  Unfortunately, my time was limited and I stayed longer than I should have to clean as much as I could.

Two sunny days ahead, so I’ll be out on the beach for sunrise and I’ll continue to clean as much as I can, and believe I can get, at least, the beach area cleaned up.  Hopefully the Town of OC will send their crew in to finish up the parking lot.

I will continue to clean my Adopt Your Beach beach at least a couple times a week, I like my beach clean.

And, our Cleanest Beach In America will continue to clean the beach every Tuesday somewhere around Ocean City MD 12 noon till Memorial Day, then at 8 am between Memorial and Labor Day.

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Thanks for checking out Inlet Beach Cleaning May 13 2016 report, hope it shows you how much help we really need…

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