Welcome to the Cleanest Beach In America Project!

Support Cleanest Beach In America Project | #CleanBeachOCWe are here to help grow and support the people and the communities that want cleaner beaches throughout America. We started the Cleanest Beach In America Project in Ocean City Maryland after Winter Storm Jonas ravaged the beaches here, washing debris onto our shores that put our town and a lot of volunteers into overdrive to help get it back to beauty we so love.

For nine straight days after the storm we cleaned, and we have continued to clean each Tuesday since. But, that is only our group effort, as individuals we are doing a lot more, and our archive of photos show how much we care.

Now, We, the volunteers of Clean Beach OC (hashtag #CleanBeachOC), have made a commitment to continue our efforts, and do what we can to grow and support others that believe we can clean up the beaches of America.

Our Mission – To pool together our major resource all across America, that resource is you & me, we are the only way we will be able to protect our shores, and hence ourselves and the wildlife that frequents these shores.

…but, it is so much more than that:

Protecting our shores includes every ocean that surrounds us, and every waterway inside of our great land we call the United States of America.

… And, we are starting small and work up…

By starting in each of our neighborhoods, our communities, around where we work and play, we can make a difference.  First by helping clean, and keep clean, our own beaches and backyard.

Then, we’re going to tackle one challenge at a time:  Styrofoam, plastic…

We have started in Ocean City Maryland and will spread to every beach from sea to shining sea!

Here in Ocean City MD we are using our new hashtag #CleanBeachOC, so you can check up on our efforts and progress on social media sites anytime, or click over to our Group and check out the latest posts!

Join Us Every Tuesday at 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm, during the season, from Memorial Day to Labor Day we meet from 9:00 am to 10:00 am!

Watch our Facebook Group for the location in Ocean City that we’ll be cleaning, join us here… https://www.facebook.com/groups/oceancitycool

  • Bring a couple trash bags
  • Wear a pair of gloves
  • Everyone invited!

Donate A Little, Help A Lot!

Any, and all, assistance is greatly appreciated.  We need supplies, we are cleaning up the beaches and bays of Ocean City MD every week.  More and more people are getting involved and more and more supplies are needed; trash bags, gloves, wagons, protective gear and boots…

Donate a little and help a lot to Ocean City Cool’s Cleanest Beach In America Project…

**Note: We have filed for our Non-Profit Status and are waiting for the word that we did all the paperwork properly, until then you will see your donation as going to Robert J Banach, Founder of the Cleanest Beach In America Project.

Now, as we build our site, we’d love to hear from you…

Cleanest Beach In America
102 S Philadelphia Ave, Unit C
Ocean City, Maryland 21842

Phone: 443.373.2097




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More coming soon!


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